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Pricing Guidelines

Avalon Building Systems Pricing - Modular Homes MA, NH, RI, ME, VT, NY, NJ, CT

The general Ballpark price for a Set Only Modular Home starts at $75 and up per square foot for our models with our standard, high quality specifications. Larger colonial homes tend to be on the lower end of this range, with ranch and cape styles being towards the higher end. This price is for the house including its manufacture, delivery, sales tax, and all set costs; which include all crane and crew costs (this is not an allowance, to be increased later). This price does not include the site, foundation and what is considered "button-up" work. Be careful of other companies that do not give you complete pricing or who use “watered down” specifications to make their initial offer look good, only for you to be “up sold” later on. Always be aware to ask what their price includes and what is omitted and have them clarify the specifications they are quoting. Avalon will provide you a firm and clear quotation along with a factory specification that is specific for your project after we receive some basic information from you.

The general costs for our company to do a total “turnkey project" (where we do all the work from site to finish) including reasonable site, foundation, and "button-up" work, generally costs in the range of $150 and up per square foot. Colonials generally range at a lower a square ft cost, and ranches & capes which tend to run at a higher per square foot cost. If you choose to omit or upgrade any items you will be given a credit from the standard. This price is contingent on many criteria including site conditions, design features, and final finish selections. This “ballpark” cost does not typically include add-ons like porches, decks, septic systems, demolition unless specifically requested. Unlike other companies, we prefer to get some basic information about your project early on so we can provide to you a complete estimate to make you comfortable with the project’s overall costs. There is no need to worry about “up selling”, job overruns, contingencies or less than adequate allowances that other builders use to increase their profit at your expense.

The cost for an attached 2 car modular garage (includes insulation and finished drywall) is about $30,000 including all delivery and set costs and about $42,000.00 including site, foundation, overhead doors, and finish work.

*** Note: We can only offer “turnkey” services within our service area only. We do not build stand-alone garages since it is not economical due to shipping and set costs. ***

Please bear in mind, that we can do as much or as little of the work on your project as you desire. Those who choose to do their own work may recognize savings to complete projects for less than our “turnkey” costs above. Some builders / homeowners have this ability or a relationship that allows them to save money or to bring them closer to their budget. If you have the ability or desire to do a portion of the work on your project yourself, we will exclude the cost from our estimate.

With Avalon, when you sign your contract; the price will not change. In most cases, the original contract price remains the same right through the completion of the project.

We hope that you find this information helpful and if you have any specific questions on the specific pricing on any of our models or about your project, please contact us or call 888-764-1297.